Great british railway journeys bbc 2

Discussion in 'Chat' started by commerchris, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. commerchris

    commerchris Moderator Staff Member

    20180111_213032.jpg Pendine gets quite a mention.
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  2. OnTheRoadAgain

    OnTheRoadAgain Active Member

    I make no comment about the potential to meme this photo... particularly the shining light that appears on the left hand side of the photo...
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  3. OnTheRoadAgain

    OnTheRoadAgain Active Member

  4. Panky

    Panky Administrator Staff Member

    The boosters fire unexpectedly in Tim's new Iron Man suit.
  5. Panky

    Panky Administrator Staff Member

    So that's how he got the British record - hidden boosters.
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  6. bazzateer

    bazzateer Well-Known Member

    Always thought the sun shone .......................
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  7. jimberlake

    jimberlake Well-Known Member

    Is that Tim’s new integrated Tig welder

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