Front Cab Door Adjustment

Discussion in 'Mechanical Hints/Tips' started by Terence, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. Terence

    Terence Member

    Hi All.
    looking at my Cab doors on my Highwayman they require adjustment to sit flush with bodywork as they stick out when closed... How do I go about adjusting?
    Many Thanks
  2. dmulally

    dmulally Active Member

    Do you have new rubbers?
  3. Terence

    Terence Member

    Hi Dmulally.
    I have New rubber door seals to fit, but both doors stick out appx 10mm even with No seals fitted at present... There flush at the hinges but stick proud at the lock... Did think about putting it into a body repair shop to sort, but if can be done for free, Happy Days
  4. Panky

    Panky Administrator Staff Member

    There is a bit of adjustment on the striker plate, but you may need to adjust the hinges outwards too to allow the door to close.
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  5. BC Sunshine

    BC Sunshine Member

    Any videos of this process? My doors are very ‘proud’ near the locks too!

    Also, could someone share photos of what the door seals should look like?

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