dutch commer club

here's a link to the Commer Club de Nederland, who mainly run Walk Thru's, but also several others, including PB/PA's.

http://www.commer.org/ (click on 'foto archief')

its in Dutch but there's some pix of their (immaculate) fleet (click on 'foto archief').

met them several years ago on the return leg of a booze cruise; driving up to the ticket barrier we were joined by 2 blokes running alongside, one wearing a t shirt with a pic of my van on it - 'come and see, we have 15 commer!' and there were 15 vans parked up at Calais port ready for a pilgimage to the old commer factory site in dunstable. we'd brought a video camera along for the journey - made an amusing end to see my scruffy effort lined up next to their vehicles
Hi Commer walk Thru
i remmeber we met than in Calais..later in 2012 we made another trip to England with other Commers. You wrote you had a camera with you. Is it possible to get a copy of that. My mailadres is rwg.bolt at gmail.com
would be nice if that is possible.
thanks in advance.