Dodge Van Parts ~ Free To A Good Home


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I have a few parts available which I believe are from a Dodge Spacevan or Panelvan...possibly...

I don’t want anything for them really, just want to get shot of them and it seems sacrilegious to take them to the dump!

Parts include:

1 x Front Bumper in good nick, just a little surface rust
1 x Cab headliner, looks a bit grubby but has the roof retainers so might be useful for someone as a template
1 x Wheel hub in great condition
2 x Rusty, knackered leaf springs
1 x Door card
3 x Roof trim panels with interior light
1 x Dashboard with no panels or cubbys
1 x Rear door handle with key
2 x Window trim/runners
1 x Indicator stalk
1 x Dodge front grille complete
2 x Fold back wing mirror protectors
1 x Wing mirror with no glass
Assorted front and rear lights and lenses
Some strange pieces of interior trim and a rubber light housing

To the right person this stuff might be gold, but to me it’s just more scrap I don’t need! I’ve attached some photos so have a look and see if there’s anything you want.

I’m not posting anything or waiting for couriers as life is far too short, so it’s collection only ~ I live 3 miles from Frome in Somerset.





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That's excellent thanks for posting. Unfortunately I don't own a Dodge but I'm sure someone will snap them up


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Hi would be intrested in the roof lining bits I'm in Exeter.
Hi Iain

Thanks for getting in touch, I should be down in Sidmouth in a couple of weeks if you’d like to save yourself the journey?

PM me your number and we can tee-up nearer the time?


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