Commer Walk Thru for sale

Selling my old Commer/Dodge Walk Thru.

I've had this van for nearly 24 years, but finally facing up to the fact that I haven't got the time to sort it (due to the usual family/money/business/etc) and would rather it goes to someone who can restore it or use bits for another Commer.

Comes with a mountain of spares, from what I can remember:
gear box / 2 sliding doors / front and corner panels / door runners / door hangers / drive shafts / suspension brackets / king pin sets (several) / wheels (extra 4, all repainted) / lost of other bits and pieces (bough a job lot of van spares years ago from a firm that used to run a fleet of Walk Thrus).

Plus workshop manuals for the van and the engine, which is an excellent Perkins 4.236.

Engine was taken out and rebuilt back in '96/'97 and was very dependable and still used in boats, tractors, etc today, so spares readily available today.

Over the years, fitted a Pacet fan (took the engine off, to give more power), upgraded air filter (to replace old oil type), new steering box, stainless steel floor panels under pedals and gear lever.

Last driven 2-3 years ago, when started up fine - started the engine up a couple of days ago, fired up quite quickly, but revs were stuck on high, so panicked and shut off. Then couldn't get going again, but this makes me think that the injection pump (which was reconditioned a while ago) sticking and will need a clean out (the CAV Lucas rotary pumps rely on diesel to keep them lubricated).

When on the road, this van would happily go up to 70mph+ , though I used to run it at 65mph usually - upgraded the tyres from 6.50's to 7.50's to give it an extra boost and was enough to get out of the slow lane!

Went on many memorable journeys, including Scotland, The Lakes, beer runs to France/Belgium, even a run down to Benicassim, Spain and back.

It is now a project though, with a lot of rust in the body work - it's been sat under some arches, so some protection from the elements, but it will need some work.

But the chassis and underneath were treated when it was made (it was ex RAF) and further waxoiled - there is a small fracture in one back part of the chassis, which I think will need sorting (although went through several MOT's like this) - it was always my idea to have the body taken completely off and rebuilt, which is possible...

I want this van to go to someone who can use it - don't want it scrapped for metal, but it could be used for spares. More than happy to advise the new owner, eg where to get spares/brake shoes relined/brake cylinders reconditioned.

The pics are from when it was last on the road - I'll add some more showing its present condition.

Will be very sad to this go! If anyone interested, please give me a shout I need to move it from its current parking space asap (within the next 7 days ideally).


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Thanks Paul, but it doesn't look so good now - I've held on to it, when it should have been sold, really, so hoping someone will take it on, or at least use some of it for another Walk Thru.


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Lovely, is it really that bad? If underneath is good and the top side look reasonable it doesn’t look major or terminal to me
It's not terminal at all - just feel it's time I pass it on though, otherwise it'll be sat for another 10 years! I'll be putting it on ebay with a 99p start price and a small reserve (just spent £110 on a new battery).


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Commer walk thru, I know you aint selling the van, but i was wondering if you had any spares for sale, ive just bought a very rusty Walk Thru.....
Cheers Keith


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Hey Simon, ive agreed to save this old girl (1969), ive not got it home yet, but the body has seen better days, most external panel will need removed/replaced and the inner structure repaired, and a fair bit is missing, but its pretty complete and running. What stuff have you got spare??
That's probably in better nick than mine in places! Love the sign writing.
Probably easiest if you give me a shout for stuff as you need it.
I bought a load of odd spares years ago - quite a bit of stuff for the petrol engine ones, is yours petrol?
I've got some Commer letters you can have for the bonnet for starters.