Commer Dodge Spacevan for sale, £3000

Discussion in 'Vehicles for sale' started by scrowie190, Oct 28, 2017.

  1. scrowie190

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    My Dodge Spacevan slider is for sale. It has a new MOT (until Sep. 2018) and is on a S plate (1978). However, it is listed as a historic vehicle with the DVLA (confirmed on the V5). This is because it as it has been overseas- as such, it is tax free/no road tax to pay. I am selling this van because I can't run 2 classics at the same time - I will consider sensible offers. My recently purchased Autosleeper now takes priority and there are only so many hours in the day to spend on classic vehicles with a young family.
    I had it listed on eBay but with lots of silly offers and often people who could not appreciate the vehicle for it's rarity. I am not asking daft money at £3000.
    Just clarify, the vehicle runs on petrol (only stating the obvious because I have been asked too many times whether it is diesel).
    It has had lots of good things done, such as :
    New fuel tank
    New white walls
    New electric dizzy
    Webber carb
    New sills
    New old stock doors
    It's fitted with a role frame so if you want to do a engine swap it's ridged
    Although rat look, it is solid.
    Overall, it drives and starts fab and I would love it to go to someone who wants a van and not to cut holes in. As stated, it is rat look but it is still a van and there are not many left.
    It has some age related marks as per photos. I would highly recommend viewing it first please, especially if you are new to classic motors. I live in Pocklington (about 14 miles outside of York).

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  2. scrowie190

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    Please feel free to share but I won't accept £600 or a red telephone box (yes, I have been asked those questions and was tempted by the red phone box :p)
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  3. S0updragon

    S0updragon Active Member

    Lol. Was it a pillar box? Good luck with the sale
  4. Moray

    Moray New Member

    Hello is this van still for sale. Ive tried to contact you on multiple sites but no reply?
  5. scrowie190

    scrowie190 Member

    yep its still for sale its on ebay with a classified add with both my home number and my wife's
    mobile .my mobile is 07766968178 Im crap at writing so if you want to give me a call that would be fab :):):):):)
  6. Retro Andy

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    A totally rocking bus, don't understand why they are still so cheap.
  7. S0updragon

    S0updragon Active Member

    They haven’t got a ‘label’. It does mean they can be enjoyed for the purpose they were made for instead of being wrapped in cotten wool with fear of loosing thousands every time they are taken out :):)
  8. Retro Andy

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    Loving the retro style wheel trims on your van for sale, suppose that are on eBay but can't find where, presume they are 14 inch rims?
    What make are they as they obviously fit.

    I bought a set of chrome rover trims but they don't fit....

    Retro Andy and The Artful Dodger
  9. PaulJL

    PaulJL Well-Known Member

    They are the same as mine. 14" baby moon trims. I got mine on line from ducks ville speed shop
  10. Panky

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  11. Colin Stewart

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    Have had parcels from abroad payed the postage and then been hit with a custom duty on top.:):):):)
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  12. Panky

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    Yep and I think the value of the parcel includes the postage:eek:
  13. PaulJL

    PaulJL Well-Known Member

    Same here mate.
  14. sweedspeed

    sweedspeed Member

    Did this ever sell?
    I was very tempted to come and have a look but the Mrs said no ! Well at least not until I've finished the one I have!!
  15. Panky

    Panky Administrator Staff Member

    Pretty sure it's gone to a new home.
  16. martin maltas

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  17. Joyce M. Cattanach

    Joyce M. Cattanach New Member

    Is this still for sale, and if so, are you in a hurry to sell please ?

    I just moved house so can't view for a few weeks as I have no bathroom or functioning kitchen - yet.


  18. scrowie190

    scrowie190 Member

    sorry it gone and she is getting a maga make over

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