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Went a couple of years ago with Bernie and Martin. Very interesting day out and enjoyed sorting through all the factory Commer drawings.

Paul Goldsmith

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Gutted to miss this :(
Oil pressure warning message last night on my Alfa 147, plenty of oil so hopefully just a sensor error (Alfa electrics!) rather than a pump failure. I didn't want to risk catastrophe on the long journey.
great day off
lovely to meet trevor and his wife again
fair few there but only 2 campers trevors and ours plus a lovely commer coach
lots of great things on display for commers
pity you all missed it!!!!!


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Really good to see Richie and yourself today, Steve.
First time I've been to the Archive Centre and was very impressed, although nearly 7 hours in the saddle due to road closures and diversions made it rather tiring, but worthwhile non the less.
A lot of very favourable and positive comments about Jigley from the guys who run the archive, which was nice.

Paul Goldsmith

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We should of got our heads together Paul! I WOULD OF LOVED TO GO .. I CANT AFFORD TO ATM.
A shame we didn't, would've been great to meet up with everybody and having seen the videos on FB for that sweet Commer Avenger coach and TS3 sound !

Typical, no sign of the oil pressure warning today but still getting it checked out rather than risk a bigger bill later !