Classic Van and Pickup show 2018

martin maltas

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Classic Van and Pickup show at Gaydon, 4+5 August 2018. Does anyone fancy a group meet? Weekend camping and from what I remember we can arrive Friday. A possible alternative to Tatton Park, with lots to see and do. Cost £10 per person for 2 nights camping, pre booked only, includes free entry to the museum.
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Yep, I am in.
Previously lived in Leamington Spa (just down the road from Gaydon) for ten years and been to some great shows there over the years.
New engine and box should be well run in and thrashed by then so won't need to set off now.
Retro Andy and The Artful Dodger


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Hoping to make an appearance at least, but also have the Imp Club National and my third grand child likely to be arriving around this time also, so might be some conflict of interest.:Do_O:confused:
Went in 2016 hoping to see another Commer, not one, but did end up taking part in a photo shoot for the CV&P mag ending up on front cover, so all was not lost. Didn't make it last year but determined to get there this year even more so if there is going to be more Commers. Good camping, good venue and plenty to see in museum.