Clara and her amazing two-tone dreamcoat


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It's been a long haul but Clara has finally go her new coat on.

Hmmm, should we unwrap her? She might get dirty.

Clara under wraps.jpg

Clara - unwrapping.jpg
Got to do something about that hideous industrial looking step. Any ideas? Open to suggestions.

Arriving home at last...

Clara arrive home 2.jpgClara arrives home.jpg

Next stage, refit fuel and water tanks, reconnect the wiring then off to get her underside sealed.


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Clara looks fantastic, you must be pleased. That step looks fine to me, a lot better than the original step fitted to the Wanderer which was a slide out open steel slat affair that constantly jammed on its runners.

Neil T

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Well done that looks so good mate, I can’t see a problem with the step I’m sure you will get use to it