Chrysler Competition Department Dodge


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WOW you lucky dog, you've bagged the best around. I know there were loads of pics on the auction site but we need more from you as well please :)


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I am now back into dodge ownership. This wonderful van that Richie and Steve created is now mine . Just got to sort the collection out but hopefully soon
I've just been admiring the photos on Car & Classic, wow! Congratulations, that's one beautiful van...


Thanks to you all . Well chuffed with myself. Just collecting insurance quotes at the mo . Rh comes out at £138 , Adrian flux has quoted £87 fully comp just waiting on Lancaster quote . Must have guaranteed value and salvage rights . So will see what happens…


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I’m with Footman James and have value assured, salvage retention etc. They didn’t want any photos. When I had it restored so upped the value I had to prove that I’d had it restored which invoice from body shop sufficed. Been with them for a few years now.


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Steve bought back his old Singer Vogue from me last year. If you haven't been before, ask for a tour of the sheds!