Braked weights for MOT

Hello everyone i have just acquired an autodata wall chart of braked weights for working out mot braking efficiency percentages, this covers most cars and light vans from 1967 to late ninetys, if anyone wants to know any, give me the vehicle details ie model, body type (two/four door,estate,van etc) year and engine size and i will post up what you need. i know we had problems with our commer on the first mot but unfortunately this chart doesnt cover coachbuilts.

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Its law for every mot test centre to have one of these charts up in the mot bay. the commer usually comes under talbot commercial on the chart;)



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I remember a few years ago in the riley,he(the mot man) couldn't find a catorgory his chart only went back to 70's or late 60's can't remember exactly what he used now but it was funny watching him struggle & suggesting other cars.

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