Brake issue


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Hi guys, Jo had been sitting in front of the house for a few months while she wouldn't start. I had the starter engine fixed before our holiday, got round to installing it a few days ago and have made 3 small trips since, yippee!

Next issue... the brakes.
All of a sudden I'm having to press a lot harder than what I recall doing before. Seems as if the pedal gets kind of blocked halfway. I've checked the brake fluid (finally found out what the black plates in the cab floor are for! Fluid checker windows!) and it's not all the way to the top, but doesn't seem too low and looks transparent/amber-coloured. Any help on diagnosing/tips for what to check would be appreciated! Mind you I'm really not a mechanic, kind of winging it as I go


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Hi Sandra,
It sounds like you have a wheel cylinder or two that have seized, or possibly the master cylinder. The best way to check is to take the wheels off and physically look to see if the pistons move in and out, I find the rear ones are most prone to this.


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Yer does sound like Panky has the right diagnosis. I’ve just replaced a cylinder and a fairly quick job. I carry rebuild kit rubbers for clutch and all brakes on long trips in case. They tend to go after 40 years


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Mine used to veer to the kerb when I braked as both had seized on passengers side. I had all 4 replaced and it’s made a world of difference. I got them from Martin but he may not have any left as he’s winding the parts department down. If not Speedy Spares will do them if needed.