Been a while..

Hehehe, we seem to be at the same point. Hey, maybe we can help each other over the line let me know if I can maybe help in some fact, maybe we could sticky this on here to help oneanther get vans out there and road worthy..
Hey Scott, glad to hear your getting back on track, I know only too well what it's like to lose the enthusiasm it's tough to keep going sometimes, especially when you have to go over old ground with things you thought were sorted like I am :mad:
Hope you manage to crack it mate;)
Scott!!!! Where the bloody he'll are you?

Have I got to rejoin Facebook to keep poking you???
Tis running indeed.. I'm a VERY happy chap today. It's all about making her look lovely now but yeah, we're up and running after at least 7 years. What a joy to drive my Commer again. I'm far from finished, but for now, i'm insured, Tax free, Mot free, and stress free. commer done.jpg
Quick question Panky. I've taken insurance out with Footman James and they are asking me to provide proof that i'm a member of here?? What are we using as reference? Cheers.
Think i remember a thread about it in here a long time ago. Thanks again mate. It's nice having a reason to come here again other than tales of my woe :D