Back of the garage

Been doing a few little jobs on Harvey now it's not so cold and I can stand up again. Repairs to the quarter light frame on the passenger side are ongoing, similar repairs to the other side so no pics as it's just the same.
A couple of the rear door hinge trims fell apart when I stripped the hinges out so I made a coupe out of a piece of scrap ally flat bar I had left over from doing Bonnies number plate surround.


Exiting stuff :)
Not quite but it was when the delivery guy left

The reveal. Very comfy, very French and absolutely gorgeous


Leaving it's previous home in Fareham



And arriving at Panky HQ




The previous owner giving it some for a Classic and Sportscar magazine feature


It's a very well known car in Citroen circles and was the subject of a comparison with a modern car - and I think it won :cool:

I've been looking for aBX for a long time and this car is jut perfect for us - a suitable replacement for the Mini I think:)
As the owner of 2 PSA POS, albeit much newer than yours, I have to question your judgement.
You are not here to question but to gaze in awe at the engineering perfection of Citroens finest. They went down hill fast from the dizzy heights of the 80'a and 90's ;)
You are not here to question but to gaze in awe at the engineering perfection of Citroens finest. They went down hill fast from the dizzy heights of the 80'a and 90's ;)
My uncle was a keen French car fan, first with Renault 4s, then Citroen GSA and finally BXs.

Since being here in Hungary, after my UK Merc C200 disolved, I acquired a really unloved Pug 307 SW. Great load carrier, had one new as a lease car in the noughties. However, it's a HDi with a plethora of issues I can't be arsed to fix.

Bought the wife a 206 a couple of years ago. She's not a great driver, and has no experience or confidence (passed licence at 18, with a bit of financial assistance to the examiner as is usual here) and not really driven since. Car came cheap as it needed had gasket... ended up rebuilding the engine as it had a bed conrod... but now it's got some electrical problem with the ECU I have never been able to solve, so it's sat in the garage in our weekend house for 2 years. As we have just bought a new house that we'll be rebuilding over the summer, we need a van and the 307 is on death row. However, french car electrics suck - you should see my auto-electrician set up... but as much as I fiddle, I can get the ECU to talk to my laptop off the car on hooked up to a breakout box, but in the car... nada.

It's a shame as the 206 is in great condition (also had a new 206 GTi I bought in 1999), but in spite of having been treated as a classic car (it's 2001 so over 20 years old) it's still not managed to leave the garage in 2 years.

Good luck with the BX - looks a corker.
I've been getting the BX ready for Rustival and managed to bag a couple of pairs of NOS mud flaps



And got the fog lights working


Bonnie has also been getting some attention. I replaced the veneer on the panels by the back doors but it wouldn't stop bubbling so I scraped it off and used some iron on stuff instead of the glue on variety
Needs staining and trimming but hopefully it will stay flat

I've been back on Harvey prepping for paint in my ultra clean spray booth (manky garage) and after a few set backs with primer reacting on a different primer he's got a coat of hi-bild and the front, back and passenger side are all one colour :)



More rubbing down to come then it's time for some colour:cool:
Many of the front side light and indicator screws and captive nuts had rusted and fallen to bits


So I drilled them out and replaced them with M4 riv-nuts and button head stainless screws



Along with new lenses I think they look OK :)

A little win but satisfying

I also replaced the spire nuts that hold the base units to the bodywork with riv-nuts and stainless screws - M3 this time.

I need to re-touch the primer in places

We had a few days away in Bonnie the other week, which was nice, but the drive was spoiled a little by increasingly poor brakes :oops: They pulled to one side and needed a lot of pressure to stop. So once back at home the offside wheel came off and revealed a weeping cylinder, not really bad but enough to cause an issue. Could I find replacements - no one had them in but Power Track had them on order so I crossed my fingers and waited for a call back. While I was waiting I found a pair on Ebay, expensive compared to what they used to be but I had to have them and were delivered a couple of days later. The offside was a real pain to do as the bolts on the strongback were seized, lots of Bulldog BDX penetrating oil and a rattle gun eventually shifted them and the rest was fairly easy, I used the mole grip trick to hold the cylinder in place while the circlip was fitted - made this fiddly job easy. The nearside one was also replaced without any problems, it wasn't leaking but best to make sure.
I bought a servo kit ages ago so I decided to fit it while I was in brake fixing mode - but I found another problem:rolleyes:
One very grotty master cylinder



Luckily I managed to get one without issue and fitted it using Colin th Fox's tip of compressing the spring with cable ties making it easier to fit the cup washer and clevis pin


There wasn't much room to fit the servo - no chance of getting it in the engine bay so I copied Bernie's installation and put it under the floor on the passenger side

I dug out the bead roller and made up a couple of deflectors to help keep the weather off







The test drive showed a vast improvement over the un-servoed brakes - literally stops on a dime for which my arthritic big toe will be forever grateful :)
Ian at Power Track did get back to me to say he had them back in stock, only the small bore (5/8") ones for earlier vans but there's very little difference in performance, so I bought a pair as I think Harvey's brakes will need some attention once he's back together:rolleyes:
That tip with the spring is etched into my memory after spending many hours changing cylinders without cable ties :)
I've slowly been refitting all Harvey's exterior bits. Rear doors are on complete with glass, locks and catches. After a lot of faffing about all lights are back on and working. Drivers cab door is fitted and also the side window, I need to turn him around to do the other side.
Harvey has the early small door cards and after stripping the vinyl cover off they were in very poor condition:(



So out came the bead roller again and a new pair was knocked up


Andpainted. They'll be covered in vinyl before fitting.



I also decided to go chrome with the heater intake grille


We'll see what it looks like fitted, I might go back to body colour if I don't like it.

All that's left to do, besides the passenger door and side window, is the screen and Bernie has volunteered his help when the time comes ( hopefully before he goes on his jollies:) I still need to paint the pop-top but it needs to be out of the garage for that so probably when he gets turned around soon - then there's the interior to sort out:oops: