Any welding experts out there?


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I have a stick welder, it’s small and cheap but to be fair it strikes a good arc well and seems to work ok. I welded a section into an exhaust the other day, blew a few holes but got there in the end using goggles (wish someone had told me about welders sunburn!)

Anyway I’m fitting rear seats to frames and need to shorten the frames by chopping a section of 25mm 3mm thick square tube out and then rejoining. Being a very novice welder you think I’m safe to do this and ensure the seat frames are still strong enough for a crash? And secondly is 3mm tube easy enough to weld with a stick, the exhaust was a right pain but of course v thin.

Also any ideas on what power I should set for this thickness? Thanks



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Haven't done any stick welding for a while but if you've got an offcut of the tube then practice with the settings. Try where you had it with the exhaust job first and work from there. Goggles are no good for arc welding you'll end up with a bad case of arc eye and that's not nice. Even a cheap hand held screen is OK for small jobs - and be careful of sunburn ;)


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Grind the ends into an angle so when butted together you get a V shape. Fill it with weld.
Alternatively bring it to me n I will do it for a few beers


You can also cut a jog in the tubing . Cut halfway through the left and right side of the tubing and down the center connecting your side cuts with your cuts spaced far enough apart to account for the section to be removed .cut off the amount you’d like to remove then just put em back together, the offset welds are pretty strong. When I do this I make a cardboard template so my cuts line up , and I’ll usually chamfer the edge too.