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Hope this isn't breaking any rules Admin please delete if so but the guys doing my front bunk (did my cushions etc too) do bits for many campers all custom made in house. Anyway was there today and had a word and will do anything, they are very good, good materials and also cheap. Example is they'll do a full screen reflective wrap round with all the straps, corner pockets to fit on the doors for around £125. They knock out lots of these around for round the world. I say this as because they're 30 mins from me and round the corner from my parents house id be happy to drive round so they can template anything off my van, I know a few people ask about the screens especially.

Anyway they are called 01246 825873

I said id out something on the forum, I'm not making anything from this just thought it may help people out.


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Oh my God - he's giving personal recommendations [:0][:0][:0]
Sounds like a good contact:)

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:) I know some forums make businesses pay to advertise services, wasn't sure if the case on here :) got pulled up on a celica one once

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