1/4 light Seals

martin maltas

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Trevor (Daytona), has kindly contacted the guy who makes the 1/4 light seals for the Imp.
Basically he is prepared to make them for the Commers, but reguires a minimum order of 40 pairs @ £75/pair.
This is a fairly hefty sum, but considering the work creating the tooling, it isn't too bad. Our problem would be getting paid orders for 40 sets.
We are currently seeing an upsurge in interest in Commers, but I don't think it is yet strong enough to support such an order [V] But, please prove me wrong, as I could do with some ;)
i would have one pair.why dont you let this run for say the rest of september but keep bumping the topic to the top.that should be enough to see what the interest is
Mine aren't wonderful but sadly price too strong for me[V], will be gently nursing what I have for now.

As PBs are a parts bin special, wonder if quarterlights are used on anything else?

If they did fit anything else might be a way of getting more orders and find the magic 40 [8)]

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I could be interested depending on how far our Hi Tor restoration goes but won't know for certain until next spring at the earliest -
sorry to not be more helpful !

BTW : Is there a document anywhere on this forum which lists PA/PB parts shared with other make/models ? Upgrades like the Hawk discs could also be included.

Guess this must exist already and maybe I'm not seeing it yet - if not this would be a useful 'living' document to create and maintain as 'sticky' under Mechanical Tips ?
Thanks for the hint but I still can't find it anywhere. DOH !

I just know it's gonna be obvious when it's pointed out ...

Off to stand in the corner already :)
you may be able to take the "dunce" hat off as i dont think we have a guide set up.

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I'm going to be in need of 1/4 lite seals too at some stage - the price is a bit hefty, saying that though, most seals are around the £20 mark +vat so a pair isn't that far off.

Would there be VAT on top? £88 is really tipping the balance!


small price to pay if it stops the weather getting to the body work :p
more chance of one person having enough doh and supply on demand ;) any one :(
sybhill will need some at some point soon hope they will be available :p

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i would love to have them made and sell them on my site along with the other stock and new items coming soon, very soon like next week some time . watch this space. but i havent got three grand spare to buy all 40 sets, never mind.:(:p;)
I would of thought there would be more interest!

Well we would have a pair, Come on guys just think, price of these against the cost of tin worm!! and what a difference to the overall appearance of our vans:)
oh sod it i will have ten pairs but no more for now, thats gonna cost me £750.00 i will just have to add them to my site and sell them on to others. whos gonna match me (martin.);)
WHAT [:0] and loose the sliders [:0][:0] i would rather buy a vw ;)

"you were only supposed to blow the bloody SLIDING doors off no.3"