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  1. jimberlake

    Interesting conversation...

    Just seen this at Barnard Castle...thought my eyes weren’t working properly ;)
  2. jimberlake

    Lovely Hawk

    Morning out at the Lakeland Museum, some cracking motors especially this Hawk estate.
  3. jimberlake

    Gear selection

    3rds always been a bit tricky And a little close to the dashboard, I’m used to it but as my partner drives it now it is a pain. Has anyone adjusted there’s before to pull it back and anyone know which piece I should be moving and which way? thanks Jim
  4. jimberlake

    Fairly accurate Axle weights

    Got a garage round the corner that’s just had his MOT rollers installed so he let me have a go on them to test the brake efficiency after I rebuilt them all (as I don’t MOT it anymore). It’s a one only remaining Norwich Conversions and has an alloy head engine and alloys so maybe slightly...
  5. jimberlake

    Ever seen this before - friends car yesterday!

    Quite interesting damage to a wheel
  6. jimberlake

    Feu Orange

    Anyone remember these? Been thinking about one to hang from the rear view mirror for years for that 70’s look and feel, high cost but finally treated myself to an original. Packet was meant to be damaged but the one that’s came is perfect so Seems a shame to open it, gently gently I think. Been...
  7. jimberlake

    CO emissions

    More of a curiosity, I’ve had the krypton tuner out to set the exhaust emissions on tickover (guess on an SU’s the fuelling is the needle anyhow past tickover) but are there recommended CO levels for the 1725 engine as can’t find them anywhere. I’ve got mine to 1.5% but is that weak? I know pre...
  8. jimberlake

    Hanging doors...

    Hi all, any tips on hanging the doors? I’ve had the other off before a few times and no issues getting it back on but this one will not hang at all. The top corner is way out to the point it hits the B post as the door is at quite an angle maybe dropping a cm front to back. It worked ok before...
  9. jimberlake

    Interesting Fire extinguisher

    Just bought one of these emergency devices. This is part of the plan to have a small access gromet in the engine lid over the exhaust and carb side in case of ‘issues’. Bit difficult in a Commer to tackle if a fire did start up and there’s a lot to go up at that side of the engine! This would...
  10. jimberlake

    To pin or not to pin

    ...that is the question. Practised on a spare trailer wheel. Would pinstripe the actual wheel much closer into the alloy maybe 10mm out. Thoughts?
  11. jimberlake

    Was someone after hubcaps?

    Seem to remember an ask here (or FB) recently but can’t find it anymore. Forgot I have got original set from my van in pretty good condition. PM if you pick this up
  12. jimberlake

    Commer Hi Line door badge

    Think I’ve asked this before but I’m trying to source a Hi Line door badge, bought a deluxe one in the past but it’s way smaller than the holes currently in the door. I’d be happy any condition as will restore it - I just need the plate with the lugs on it. Ta all
  13. jimberlake

    Windscreen fitting

    Anyone any experience fitting the Highline chrome coloured channel insert that holds the screen in! Been on it for a long time and not got far, even bought a tool but that’s no good either. Pulling me hair out on this!
  14. jimberlake

    Rear light Inside cluster covers

    I’ve just completed a re-wire of the van and before I try to make some rear lights cluster covers for the inside I was wondering if anyone had any off an old van they’d be willing to sell on. I did buy some a couple of years ago but turned out to be for the smaller rear lights (I have the later...
  15. jimberlake

    2 speed wiper and washer switch.

    Hi all. Managed to snap the screw thread on mine - brittle plastic. Tried gluing but snaps again on tightening making it just spin round in the dashboard. You can get new ones for Landrovers but are expensive and non original. Don’t suppose anyone has one lying around to sell? Its from a...
  16. jimberlake

    Lockdown stuff to do...

    Day 1: build a trebuchet - got about 8 meters which is pretty good. Next a medieval crossbow
  17. jimberlake

    Alternator upgrade needed?

    I don’t BTW but I guess this would’ve
  18. jimberlake

    Electrics and wires...

    When I stripped out the van one of the wires in the running front to back was melted, red wire which feeds the rear lights, must've shorted somewhere. so I'm making up a new half loom for now running from under the dash, through the passenger pillar and through the roof to the rear. I've ordered...
  19. jimberlake

    Laycock cars...

    Never knew the Laycock the overdrive manufacturers also made cars. Was at Kelham Island in Sheffield today. Amazing museum with the worlds most powerful working steam engine at 12,000 HP and they don’t half give it some beans running full pelt, well worth a visit.
  20. jimberlake

    Windscreen out

    Any tips on this? I guess if I pull the plastic strip out of the seal it should then just pop out the front with the seal with a little encouragement? anyone got any gotchas I need to look for bar dropping it :-/ thanks