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  1. jimberlake

    York Rescue

    So is this is the same one in bits and for sale at £500 on EBay. It doesn’t actually look all that bad bar the front panel. Trouble is people don’t really like buying stuff already taken apart - that’s the fun bit :) Really hope this gets saved
  2. jimberlake

    Meet Ted

    Good work, become a proper major job on Ted
  3. jimberlake

    Some dim lights

    maybe I should’ve put that as the first check :D
  4. jimberlake

    Wonderer & Jennings for sale on Ebay

    That Jennings is a beaut
  5. jimberlake

    Starting problems

    Hopefully so, I’d just renew it all for the low cost, also its a simple quick job, helps make them much more turn key if such a comment can be applied to a Commer :)
  6. jimberlake

    Starting problems

    Fairly close not sure close enough to be worthwhile but happy to loan it if you’re ever coming this way.
  7. jimberlake

    Starting problems

    It could be a loose or flakey wire on the low tension side of the dizzy? Maybe the cleaner is improving that contact? First thing I’d always change is to fit electronic ignition, to fit to the existing dizzy is about £40 but can get a full dizzy with it already installed and with a matching coil...
  8. jimberlake


    haha - snap. On the way home Jo writes it all down on the back of a receipt. This wasn't by any means the comprehensive list!
  9. jimberlake


    Boring updates. So went away for 2 weeks more end of August just in time for two named storms and a lot of rain :). Charging was working a treat but then looks like the voltage regulator went flakey, Volts rising to 14.5 and then dropping to under 12v. Charged the battery before leaving for home...
  10. jimberlake

    X-box... its ALIVE...AGAIN!!!!

    The steel toecaps look so cool and bet they work a treat
  11. jimberlake

    1/4 light seals

    Shame for people that, never understood why the moulds were destroyed unless they have a production life span
  12. jimberlake

    1972 Commer PB - another Resto thread

    love that collection and thanks for sharing, 914 my personal favorite. Regarding the leaf springs if they've sagged, and likely have, you can get them re-tempered at reasonable cost. Suspension wise other cheap tricks are to refill the rear Armstrong dampers with a slightly thicker oil and use...
  13. jimberlake

    Out and About

    Haha - standard camping for me that, still drying out
  14. jimberlake

    1968 Commer Wanderer - Saab 2.3 turbo

    Love this conversion, following it elsewhere :)
  15. jimberlake

    1972 Commer PB - another Resto thread

    Lovely van and space! Welcome to the forum and can’t wait to hear progress. Any pics of your other vehicles?
  16. jimberlake

    New Toy.

    So what is it?
  17. jimberlake

    Out and About

    Been away two weeks in the rain and storms to the lakes and now robin hoods bay! Was holding up well but reached maximum saturation last night :) 3 leaks now plugged with a body board, tea towel and a baby wipe - advanced stuff. Alternator went bit dicky yesterday so got overnight delivery one...
  18. jimberlake

    R2 the battle bus

    Ingenious- love that lock :)
  19. jimberlake

    X-box... its ALIVE...AGAIN!!!!

    Lovely Paul
  20. jimberlake

    X-box... its ALIVE...AGAIN!!!!

    Superb! Videos yet?