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  1. renaultvation

    Unusual conversion

    Is this van known to anyone? looks like a cousin of The Colonel:
  2. renaultvation

    1966 diesel bus complete with GreenShield stamps
  3. renaultvation

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to all Commervanfans. May your madness continue unabated into 2020!
  4. renaultvation

    Maltese perkins

    Nice looking panel van:
  5. renaultvation

    Defying the laws of physics

    I have a strange issue with the petrol pump on Bertie, our 1994 Punto Cabrio. The pump has stopped working, but there is not a problem with the pump, I have a spare which I have tested off the car, but when I connect it, it doesn't work. I have tested the live feed to the pump and it is fine, it...
  6. renaultvation

    Hybrid Dodge

    Interesting hybrid, described as a Buccaneer (probably correct), but with a Wanderer roof:
  7. renaultvation

    Agricultural Commer

    Absolutely love this:
  8. renaultvation


    Commer Walkthrough in Ipswich:
  9. renaultvation

    Jennings Roadranger

    Tidy looking Roadranger on ebay. Pity the oak interior has been painted, but I'm sure it could be restored:
  10. renaultvation

    Interesting Paralanian model

    Someone is selling a model of a Commer Paralanian made from the ever popular Corgi Commer chassis and the Oxford Diecast Austin J2 Paralanian. Paint detailing is a little crude, but the overall effect is very good. It could be an interesting project for our Paralanian owners. Here's the Commer...
  11. renaultvation

    Old photos

    While clearing out some old magazines today, came across this magazine and photos. Thought it might be of interest.
  12. renaultvation

    Commer kit

    Everything you need to complete a very nice Commer. This would make a great project:
  13. renaultvation

    The ultimate minibus

    Absolutely love this:
  14. renaultvation

    1963 Bluebird
  15. renaultvation

    Was once Highwayman for £15K

    Does anyone recognise this van from a previous life. For all you Highwayman owners out there, triple the value of your mint van by stripping out the interior and replacing the windows with hatches...
  16. renaultvation

    1975 Highwayman

    Nice looking Highwayman with original interior:
  17. renaultvation

    Bertie on show

    Those of you who have been on here for a long time may recall Bertie, our 1994 Fiat Punto Cabrio. He's now in semi-retirement having spent the winter SORN, but is now back on the road with a fresh MOT. This year it is 25 years since the launch of the original Punto and we have been invited to...
  18. renaultvation

    1970 Wanderer

    Nice looking doer-upper:
  19. renaultvation

    Which stereotype are you

    Thought it might be interesting to find out where we all come from using this map courtesy of BuzzFeed: The Definitive Stereotype Map Of Britain And Ireland Offend your way around the British Isles. It would appear that I am rather too fond of tractors. I can live with...
  20. renaultvation

    Beautiful French model and magazine

    I don't know whether anyone is already aware of this, but it would appear that the French have a series of magazines about motor caravans and No.18 is all about the Commer Maidstone. Even better, it has a rather good looking 1/43 scale model. Not cheap, but it looks quite good. Here is a link...