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  1. colinthefox

    Commer Jennings Roadranger 1967

    That would make a lovely van. It's even got midge screens for the louvres, and I love the walk through (crawl through?) from the cab to the back. But the roof's had a smack top nearside, and you can see the results in the gutters/roof above the passenger door. That's a pity, cos it's a load of...
  2. colinthefox

    Pootle getting hot and bothered

    When I had to get my radiator recored, the specialist offered me two choices.......... Standard cooling or 30% uprated at the same price (More tubes more fins). A no-brainer as far as I was concerned. Mine's a diesel, but same radiator. I would think all the specialists have the same options...
  3. colinthefox


    It's so good to see pics of proper camping again.:)
  4. colinthefox

    Visiting the vans original owner!

    That's lovely. Thanks for posting. We used to have one of those toilet tents. The exact one! I bet that was an emotional reunion.
  5. colinthefox

    Back of the garage

    Jus' love that litttle tip:)
  6. colinthefox

    The Snail

    Sometimes the self adhesive isn't very sticky at low temperatures. I usually warm the foam, and the surface to be stuck to with a hot air gun. Or leave the van in the baking summer sun :cool: for a while before sticking! Or did you mean that the spray adhesive wasn't sticky?
  7. colinthefox

    Full beam issue

    When I was getting mine MOTed it always passed the brake test on the rollers. If it doesn't pass, there's something wrong with the brakes. It's always good to have the computer printout of the roller brake test to check on balance etc.
  8. colinthefox

    The Snail

    You've got a calendar, haven't you?
  9. colinthefox

    Hope everyone is healthy

    I used to have the Commer equivalent: The Q4. In fact it was this Q4, the one showing on Wikipedia Man, it was a thirsty beast at 7MPG. But it would pull.....and pull......and pull. Is that one petrol, or has it been...
  10. colinthefox

    Hope everyone is healthy

    That's nice!
  11. colinthefox

    Hope everyone is healthy

    Never Never Never! It's unique.
  12. colinthefox

    WANTED Commer Karrier Bantam

    Welcome. Good choice, but I'm afraid my Karrier Bantam is definitely not for sale.:)
  13. colinthefox

    Replacing fuse board

    It's a very good idea to replace the original fusebox Here's my set-up...................... Although it looks complicated it's actually really simple. There are three 4 way fuse boxes. The left one is for lights. There's a 35 Amp master fuse at the top in the main feed to the light switch...
  14. colinthefox

    “Barn find”

    Bit ropey that. Would make a nice project for the very brave though.:oops:
  15. colinthefox

    1966 diesel bus complete with GreenShield stamps

    Ooh! I like that. But not at £5500. A good film prop vehicle.
  16. colinthefox

    My New Baby!!!

    That may have saved your life in two completely separate ways. :)
  17. colinthefox

    Release Bearing

    Our experience last year was somewhat similar..........We were just down he road in Dubrovnik in our VW camper, (at the same time you were in Hungary) and our spigot bearing collapsed and gave us no end of grief in traffic when it all got hot.
  18. colinthefox

    Back of the garage

    Always wondered how they came apart.
  19. colinthefox

    Meet Ted

    Does it run on for ten minutes after you've finished doing the business?
  20. colinthefox

    Meet Ted

    Some good work there Panky. It'll be well worth it in the end.