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  1. Gladys Crew

    SOLD A drive away awning for sale

    Over the years I have acquired 2 drive away awnings so its time I sold the one we never use. I thought I would put it on hear first before ebay. I am looking for £60.00 if anyone is interested The awning can be erected in my garden before you take away if required, Social distancing rules...
  2. Gladys Crew

    Release Bearing

    On our trip to Hungary last year, one thing we noticed was when Gladys was hot and we were stuck in traffic the release bearing would squeal a little, so while I have a little time on my hands I thought I would take Mr Pankys advise and replace it with the MGB type ,so ordered one from ebay. In...
  3. Gladys Crew

    Hungary here we come

    Gladys is all packed up and loaded with spare parts and tools, so no room for Heidi’s Gin :oops: but managed to squeeze in a couple of cans of fosters :p, Mr Panky says we could use the gin for fuel, not a bad idea as Heidi’s stock would properly get us all the way there and half way backo_O...
  4. Gladys Crew

    Belinda & Sooty

    Just a few days away in Jersey at a wedding. How many Grooms, Bestmen, Groomsmen and Wedding guests can you fit in a Superminx
  5. Gladys Crew

    Happy Birthday Panky.

    Happy Birthday John Hope you a Great Day :) I will have a couple of Fosters on your behalf :D
  6. Gladys Crew

    Little Big Job

    Can anyone guess what little job I am doing here?.
  7. Gladys Crew

    A Treat for Gladys

    We thought we would give Gladys a treat as she has been a little neglected so she is having a SU fitted :) and get rid of the old Zenith. I started by splitting an old Manifold Drilled the inlet and made a plate to fill the hole in the exhaust Welded in the Flange and Exhaust manifold...
  8. Gladys Crew

    Not Much Filler Needed

    What a bargain...
  9. Gladys Crew

    Its Drive Day

    Its Drive it Day Today,:) Is everybody going out?
  10. Gladys Crew

    Old Adds

    Came across this the other day every Commer should have one (or Not):I Gladys, Heidi & Bernie
  11. Gladys Crew

    BMC/BL Rally & Spares Day

    Ed is all fixed up and back on the road, thanks to Tim for the half shafts:) So we are going to the BMC/BL Rally & Spares Day in Peterborough in the morning only a 260 mile round trip so should be a good test drive for him, over the snake pass which will be fun, But Heidi has band me from...
  12. Gladys Crew

    Stronge Gala Tent for Sale

    Now Gladys has got a new home Heidi wants her garden back, so we are selling Gladys's old mansion, it is 6 Meters Long by 3 Meters wide, as you can see from the pictures it is a bit wind swept although we do have some spare poles and feet for it. We will leave it up until the buyer collects it...
  13. Gladys Crew

    A new home for Gladys

    :( Gladys has to move to a new home. :( Gladys, Heidi & Bernie
  14. Gladys Crew

    Pass Word

    Thought you might like this [:o)] "Sorry, your password has been in use for 30 days and has expired - you must register a new one." Roses "Sorry, too few characters." pretty roses "Sorry, you must use at least one numerical character." 1 pretty rose "Sorry, you cannot use blank spaces."...
  15. Gladys Crew

    Another Project

    Well I said I didn't want another project, But then this turned up just a few hundred yards from our house [:0] It has been off the road since 1981. Gladys & Bernie
  16. Gladys Crew

    Commer Cob for sale

    Any body interested in this A guy at our local car club knows a guy who is selling this Cob. We went to look at it on Sunday and it is pretty solid, he has loads of spares including a spare Engine, Gearbox, doors including a back one. If any one is interested you can Ring Eric on 0151...
  17. Gladys Crew

    Imp National 2013

    Heidi I & Mr J took a trip to the Imp national in Perth this weekend. Mr J behaved himself clocking up 600 miles with the portafold in tow without an itch :D We also bumped into a few Friends Also lurking in the back ground was a white van wearing a woolly hat Gladys & Bernie
  18. Gladys Crew

    MOT Time Again

    :) :D [8D] Gladys got a new MOT today [8D] :D :) The MOT man said the brake light stay on ! Heidi had to explain that they come on with the hand brake we tell him every year but he is getting on a bit :p Gladys & Bernie
  19. Gladys Crew

    Commer For Sale in Cheltenham

    I went to the Imp club meeting last night and a guy there has this for sale He lives in Cheltenham if anyone is interested is number is 07988670371, He wants around £900.00 Gladys & Bernie
  20. Gladys Crew

    May the force lift you

    :D :D Simple but effective Gladys & Bernie