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  1. NateL

    Exhaust update and question

    I stripped the head to rebuild it, and thought I would try to improve the stock exhaust for now while everything is apart.. It had some abuse and I’ve sleeved the pipe to center the donut, and reshaped the flange to match better. Does anyone know if I have the baffle/deflector in the right way...
  2. NateL

    Cylinder head interchange help needed

    I have a 68 auto sleeper with a 1725 , iron head, currently cracked.iron heads are extremely rare and about $300 here as-is in the states. I’ve tracked down a couple of spares but really can’t afford to buy the wrong type. Are there casting numbers I should be looking for, or a way to spot the...
  3. NateL

    22r or 22re engine swap info needed

    So ive been beating my brsins trying to keep a pretty new sunbeam alpine 1725 (like less than 1000 miles new ). Growing tired of messing with it. I believe a toyota pick up is the same wheel bolt pattern, id like to swap out the entire drivetrain . The 22r is a popular swap in OZ , anyone on...
  4. NateL

    Head gasket differences

    I ran into an odd issue today. I have a series 5 1725 with an iron head and a blown head gasket. I ordered the new gasket and it doesnt really fit. It fits the holes but the flame rings stick into the bore on cylinders 2+3. Is there somewhere i can get a proper gasket? And wondering why they...
  5. NateL

    WTB head gasket

    I can not find the right head gasket, i have a ser. 5 alpine 1725 with an iron head. The replacement head gaskets here (usa) protrude into the combustion chamber. Please help! Also looking for the correct temp sender
  6. NateL

    Broken dizzy?

    I took my 1725 commer out for a midwinter maintenance trip , and it sputtered to a stop. I was 100% certain it a was the condenser. Lucky, i had my tools and a spare. Well things got bleak as the condenser hold down screw fell in the distributor body. Right, so now later, i have things back...
  7. NateL

    Original curtain fabric

    I ran across a blog about a transit camper conversion awhile back. The curtains in their transit were the satin/matte cream check like in my commer van and mine are rotten. He mentions he bought the fabric in the UK,my attempts to contact him were unsuccessful, as the blog had been abandoned.has...
  8. NateL

    Supplier for hinges?

    I have not been able to find the same size cabinet hinges here in the states, is there a vendor or supplier that anybody has found for suitable replacements? Mine are pretty rusty and the plater will only take them if theyre apart.
  9. NateL

    Patch panel ideas

    I need to make some repair panels for the rear corners, and the originals go all the way to the outer panels and spot weld there im assuming. It seems to be a problem area for moisture. I was thinking of making my flange just short of that and welding the flange of my panel to the actual inner...
  10. NateL

    When a freshening up goes too far

    I had some new cushions made for my van, and then i thought i might just cut a few repair panels. Then i thought "why do all that and not replace the floor, and reface the cabinets, and oh yeah, theres that water pump leak and the van will be parked for freshening soooo....i may as well make a...
  11. NateL

    Weber air filter

    Can i just clamp a cone filter on this direct, or is there a special reason for attaching to a long tube ?
  12. NateL

    How many have pulled cabinets out and reinstalled?

    I started refinishing some of the cabinets, and now im in really deep. I'm redoing the floors, and i was going to just work around the cabinets, but ive refaced all the doors and drawers, made new panels ,had new cushions made, and more, so even though the cabinets are prepped for stain i think...