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  1. Jimmy van

    First getaway

    After 4 years of ownership Jimmy is at last booked in for our first few nights away this may bank holiday weekend. Its been a lot of hard work and dedication but we are very excited and even more apprehensive about it lol. Last night we managed to complete the interior to give us humble living...
  2. Jimmy van

    14" hub caps

    Does anyone run on 14" rims as I have just bought a pair on the understanding that they were 15". Obviously they are to small and are now sat idle and I fear they are a tad to heavy for a Frisbee.
  3. Jimmy van

    Resto update

    Well that's the inside of Jimmy lagged and sound proofed it just leaves the roof to do which is a bit of a conundrum. Does anyone have any ideas?
  4. Jimmy van

    Wedding van

    Well yesterday couldn't have gone any better as Jimmy made his debut appearance as my son and daughter in laws wedding transport.
  5. Jimmy van

    Top coat

    Well after 3 years and a final push over the past 3 weeks Jimmy can finally wear his topcoat. It has taken a lot of determination, focus,dedication and belief but for the first time in my ownership he shines.
  6. Jimmy van

    Resto progress

    This week will be my last week of three weeks trying to get Jimmy finished. There is a lot of work still to be done which is worrying as I have to be out of my friends work shop by then leaving Jimmy open to the elements. So making sure he's top coated and sealed up is imperative. He is sitting...
  7. Jimmy van

    Coolest of the cool

  8. Jimmy van

    O dear

  9. Jimmy van

    Slowly but surely

    i know it doesn't look much but from the windows down the inside is pretty much fully fabricated. :cool: (obviously a before and after shot.)
  10. Jimmy van

    Forum information

    I've noticed a few people saying that they've had problems accessing the forum, well this weekend I have just upgraded my sky router and since doing so I've encountered the same problem unless I switch my phone to its own ee data setting. Does anyone have any theories or even better hard fact?
  11. Jimmy van

    Overheating conundrum

    So after changing all my hoses including the awkward little one at the water pump replacing the thermostat, flushing the system repairing the rad and adding fresh antifreeze the result was a fantastic disappointment. So I went out and purchased a digital cooking thermometer and took a manual...
  12. Jimmy van

    Water works

    So a starter for 10, which way does the water flow on the 1725 standard engine? I'm currently plumbing back in my heater using an array of copper piping and new heater hose. The only problem is I can't be definite which way round to put the pipes. I have one coming of the water pump and one out...
  13. Jimmy van

    Strobe light timing

    Does anybody know what the timing settings are for the standard 1725 van? All my settings are for static timing and I'm after strobe light settings. Also what are the intervals on the crank pulley? I'm assuming that they are 5 degrees.
  14. Jimmy van

    Action shot

  15. Jimmy van

    Paint match

    At last I've managed to get some beautiful beige cellulose mixed up. I think he has made an excellent job of tinting it and all for just £60 for 2.5 liters. (for the colour blind it's the little square bit in the middle of the darker bit ;)). For those zooming in that isn't the finished prep lol
  16. Jimmy van

    Resto progress

    I have been trying the art of lead Loading. Maybe filler would be easier and a lot cheaper but I thought I'd go for the old school approach
  17. Jimmy van

    How many commers

    Just as a matter of interest I tried looking up how many commers are registered in the uk but unfortunately I drew a blank. So obviously my question is............?............ Does anybody know the amount of commer vans registered in the uk?
  18. Jimmy van

    Are you on Facebook

    As I use my mobile phone for the forum, posting photos of my progress with jimmys rolling resto doesn't happen. Which got me thinking are any of you guys n gals on Facebook?. If you are you can friend request me. Look for Andy beard ( look for the picture of a creepy guy looking through a small...
  19. Jimmy van

    Spotted in the highlands

    So as a long distance lorry driver I get about all over the UK and last Friday morning on my way back from Thurso I spotted a lovely white highwayman just north of Inverness. I flashed my lights and gave an enthusiastic thumbs up to which the driver responded (with a thumbs up also;)). Was it...
  20. Jimmy van

    Maiden voyage

    Well what started off as a proposed mini start off local first outing ended up in a 60 mile round trip due to all the local spots having 2meter gypsy bars. Is this a problem with the pop tops? Ended up at Staunton Harold reservoir and had a lovely day. Jimmy behaved impeccably :D