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    help wanted my commer was insured with andrian flux but think its to much this year so any other good compnys out there please many thanks
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    flasher unit and fuel gauge and now not starting

    As some of you know we are new to this! and we are learning all the time,but coming back from martins i lost my indicators and then the fuel gauge stopped working. when getting home i checked the fuse and it had blown and replaced it. but now she will not start. had a new battery and coil any...
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    fuel tank

    if tim reads this can he get in touch as i want to know how much a new fuel tank will cost me many thanks:)
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    hello can anyone help me am looking for a few things formy commer highwayman i am looking for a new fuel tank as mine keeps cloggingup with snake skin from inside the tank and maybe a new window screen many thanks