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  1. commer walk thru

    Carburetors x3

    I think these are likely for the Humber petrol engine as used in the Walk Thru - let me know if of interest
  2. commer walk thru

    Durite Lights x3 free

    Don't know if these are any good for anyone - 3x Durite strip lights about 14" long - free!
  3. commer walk thru

    old fuel tank

    I'm currently running a marine type tank for my Walk Thru, as it's been sat up for so long (10 years +) - I have posted recently about cleaning out the original tank, but now I'm wondering if would be ok to just drain it completely, refill with new diesel and use again, but adding a Racor type...
  4. commer walk thru

    Crazy 50s Commer on ebay!

    Very unusual ex fire engine on ebay - check it out!
  5. commer walk thru

    Commer Walk Thru Second time on ebay - not sure what the reserve is, but started where the previous bids ended. Looks a nice van - very early, must be one of the first ones - listed as 1960, but I'm sure they didn't start...
  6. commer walk thru

    Walk Thru brochures online

    Here's a download for some brochures for the Walk Thru - main one is from 1975 - some good pics and spec, including dimensions/weights/etc:
  7. commer walk thru

    Walk Thru restoration

    Finally getting things moving for my Walk Thru (before it completely dissolves...). Here it is on the way to Tom Day Diesel Fuel Injection Services in Keynsham - from this angle you can't see the panoramic "sun roof" design (now covered with a tarpaulin).
  8. commer walk thru

    Leaf Springs - petrol / single wheel Walk Thru?

    Finally sorting through some of my spare spares. Got these leaf springs, all slightly different, bought as a job lot of spares for Commer Walk Thru's but they're different to mine - a lot of the extra spares I have seem to be for the petrol version, so thinking they could be for those, maybe...
  9. commer walk thru

    Commer Walk Thru for sale

    Selling my old Commer/Dodge Walk Thru. I've had this van for nearly 24 years, but finally facing up to the fact that I haven't got the time to sort it (due to the usual family/money/business/etc) and would rather it goes to someone who can restore it or use bits for another Commer. Comes with...
  10. commer walk thru

    Restoration Company - any recommendations?

    Hello All - haven't posted for a while, but do pop in occasionally... I'm thinking it's time to hand my Walk Thru over to a professional to do a proper job and get her properly restored. Can anyone recommend a business that's close to Bristol? Looking for a body off job really - due to go in...
  11. commer walk thru

    Walk Thru Spares

    Hello All - haven't been on here for a while... busy with work and new baby. Good to see the site is alive and well! Bought a load of Walk Thru spares a while ago and have started sifting thro them - quite a few aren't for my van, or are in multiples and some stuff I don't even recognise...
  12. commer walk thru

    Spacevan / PB brochure 1976 on Ebay

    Just saw this, thought might be of interest - had someone after my copy recently (sorry, can't remember name) - probably not been spotted yet...
  13. commer walk thru

    Commer Van on Top Of The Pops!!

    ...well maybe not TOTP, but thought you lot might enjoy seeing this "music promo" (made by my girlfriend back in 2004 for her A-level)
  14. commer walk thru

    List of spares suppliers/restoration/etc/etc

    Can't remember where I found this and it seems to be mainly for owners of vintage classic cars, but there are probably a few companies on here that might be useful.
  15. commer walk thru

    Get in there!!

    Can't resist celebrating my MOT pass on here, I'm afraid. Been fiddling with the front brakes over the last few weeks, replacing linings (and then re-replacing linings to the correct thickness), brake cylinders and finally brake pipe. Being the first thing they test, I was sh*tting myself for...
  16. commer walk thru

    Brake Shoe Relining

    Van recently failed MOT due to brakes (badly) out of line. Took everything apart and found the brake shoe linings were knackered. Had them sent off to Paul at Powertrack, costing £15 each to have relined, and with a better (softer) lining than the usual, hard lining you get nowadays. Can't...
  17. commer walk thru

    Dutch Commer(s) for sale

    came across this website today looks like they regularly have Commers for sale on here.
  18. commer walk thru


    i'm looking into getting a new insurance policy and wondered where people were insuring their vans and what sort of prices they're paying? i've been paying about £80/£90 a year for a while, but the policy (with Aon) doesn't cover me to use the van for my business. i did mention a while ago...
  19. commer walk thru

    something a bit different

    this would cause a stir when you drive onto a campsite... and check out his mini-wheels to use when parked up!
  20. commer walk thru

    meet up?

    woolfy mentioned the possibility of a meet in one of his recent posts. might be interesting to see who's who and what they're up to... there are a few shows on throughout the year anyway, such as the Classic Commercial Show up at Donnington on March 10th, so might bump into each other at one...