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  1. commerjules

    Saw this van

    Saw this van a little while ago in my hood driving towards Lewes
  2. commerjules

    Silicone Valve Cover Gasket

    Not sure so many people use this forum anymore, which is a shame... But anyway new product here if anyone's interested silicone gasket
  3. commerjules

    Chrome Hub Caps

    Evening All I'm finally going to make another run of PA/PB chrome hub caps, its been over 5 years... As I recently received a largish order for them (from someone in Holland rather bizarrely). If anyone's interested let me know soonish if you want me to add a set for you to the production run...
  4. commerjules

    Flogging a set of alloys if anyone's interested?

    Ebay link here:
  5. commerjules

    Been A While...

    To quote the legendary Comm-Don But I ended up here when I stumbled across a set of alloys and wondered what else hey would fit, apart from my Commer. I hope you're all doing well and still keeping those old sheds on the road? Cheers Jules
  6. commerjules

    Anyone remember me?

    Greetings Commerfans. I havent visited the board for probably a couple of years or more. Shame on me. I had a minor mid-life crisis, I think I'm over it. Partly by splitting the business in two and selling the workshop half so now I work from home. Shame I didnt get the van restored before I did...
  7. commerjules

    Diff or Axle

    Anyone got one? Any ratio? Cheers Jules RatSport: Twitter:
  8. commerjules

    NEC Restoration Show anyone? Cheers Jules RatSport: Twitter:
  9. commerjules

    Flog your surplus gear

    This site is new. its free, its easy, it gets lots of traffic (and best of all it won't send you junk mail afterwards). Car stuff only please. Cheers Jules Cheers Jules RatSport: Twitter:
  10. commerjules

    Free Ads For Car Stuff Site

    This site is new. its free, its easy, it gets lots of traffic (and best of all it won't send you junk mail afterwards). Car stuff only please. Cheers Jules RatSport: Twitter:
  11. commerjules

    Make Zuckerberg Richer

    I finally moved into the 21st century and got a facebook site. "Like" or "friend" me or whatever it is if you can (or alternatively the "dislike" or "who cares" button) Cheers Jules RatSport: Twitter:
  12. commerjules

    A few clearance lines

    If anyone is interested Cheers Jules RatSport: Twitter:
  13. commerjules

    RIP the Tax Disc!

    :( Cheers Jules RatSport: Twitter:
  14. commerjules

    Spotted last Sunday approx 1:00

    A van dropping down into Lewes from Uckfield direction. Havent seen it before. Cheers Jules RatSport
  15. commerjules

    Meet at my place?

    Would anyone be interested in a meet at my place. Near Lewes in East Sussex? Cheers Jules RatSport
  16. commerjules

    Wheels Day Aldershot Good Friday

    Anyone going? Cheers Jules RatSport
  17. commerjules

    NRSA Swapmeet this Sunday

    Anyone going? It might be inundated with Commers. But it might not be. Cheers Jules RatSport
  18. commerjules

    FAO Martin

    What no more exhausts [?][?]:([:0][B)] Cheers Jules RatSport
  19. commerjules

    Obsolete, corroded, cobweb-covered crusty parts

    Yes it's the RatSport New Year Clearance Sale :) Cheers Jules RatSport
  20. commerjules

    Change email address on profile

    Whatever I do it doesnt seem to work? I cant change my contact email :( Cheers Jules RatSport