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  1. andrew

    Hi everyone.

    Just wondered how you all are as it's been a while since I've visited. I'm getting ready for my first outing if the year, I'm off to Devon. Hope everyone is well and looking forward to spring.
  2. andrew

    Ford Transit

    As everyone knows i purchased a Ford Transit a while ago. The project is going well at the moment. I'm in the process of finishing the inside at the moment(I'll take some pics cause I know you all love picks). I've sprayed the whole of the underneath with Hammerite, this was a really big job...
  3. andrew


    hi I've been sorting out a few bit, I've got a cover that fitted nicely over my old Hayltt Olympian if anyone is interested. From memory it might have a slight tare in it but apart from that it's fine. If anyone's interested I'll take some pics.
  4. andrew

    Tiger seal.

    Hi everyone, it's been a while since I asked a question. I've got some external sealing to do on my new van, I just wondered how good tiger seal is at preventing water penetrating through as I've got a leak somewhere. Thanks as always.
  5. andrew

    Hope everyone's ok.

    Just thought I'd say hi to everyone as I haven't been on the forum for a while, I've got my straight jacket back now;). I've busy working on my new project, it's going well. Oh and in going to be a grandfather.
  6. andrew

    My new van.

    Just to let you all know I've purchased a new van, I'm pleased with what I've got after selling my beloved Commer. It's a 2003 Ford Transit(I know it's not a classic), I got it at a really good price and it's going to be a project for me. The vans red, with a great internal layout. I've been out...
  7. andrew

    Wanted a Commer....

    For my next project, ideally I would like the van to have a full mot. Im up for a new challenge. Sadly the yellow Autosleeper went above my budget. I've got a budget in mind so if anyone knows of one please let me know.
  8. andrew


    I'm not leaving the forum I'm just going to Cyprus for a week, hope you all hVe fun while I'm away.:)
  9. andrew

    A really sad day.......

    After a very long and hard decision I've decided to sell my beloved camper. It's taken me a while, I'm gutted but it just isn't big enough for my adventures. Firstly I want to thank the Commer van fan forum, without all of the help I probably wouldn't of got this far. I've done what I set out to...
  10. andrew

    MOT time.

    My mot is on the 2nd of June, I've greased all of the nipples today. The new fuel line is one of the new editions to the engine bay since last years mot. Fingers crossed.
  11. andrew

    Commer Hardrian 1962 PA.

    I don't know how to the link to eBay, but the above mentioned commer is on eBay. It's a lovely looking van, especially the interior. Some minor rust on the body work, the one by the windscreen will have to have some attention.
  12. andrew

    Old oil.

    ive got the old oil from my van, what's the best job for it? The underneath, springs?
  13. andrew

    New oven and grill.

    hi I'm looking at eventually getting a new oven and grill for my van. where is the best place to start looking?
  14. andrew

    Spring cleanings underway.

    its not quite Spring yet but I've started to clean my van anyway. My first trip of the year is just over a week away, I've still got a few jobs to do. They include checking all of the fluid levels, cleaning the cab, a splash of paint here and there, tyre pressures and making sure the batteries...
  15. andrew

    Attaching the temperature gauge.

    ive had a temperature gauge fitted on my dash, how do you secure it to the dashboard?
  16. andrew

    Advice on an awning.

    hi all, I'm looking at getting an awning in the summer. Where is the best place to look for an awning? Also what sort of price should I be paying?
  17. andrew

    Anyone else waiting........

    for something to be finished or for a part on your van so you can get back on the road. Mines been off the road since August and I'm getting closer to my carburettor being ready to put back on my van. I must say I can't wait, it's been a long time. During late summer I even had to resort to...
  18. andrew

    Wiring for the temperature gauge.

    im going to put a temperature gauge on my van, it's a smiths gauge. Does anyone know the correct wiring for it.
  19. andrew

    Temperature gauge needed.

    I'm on the lookout for a temperature gauge for my commer. It's a 1967 one so if anyone has got one that would be great.
  20. andrew

    Considering selling my van.

    Hi all, I'm considering selling my van. I haven't made a final decision yet, after my last journey with all the trouble I had im thinking maybe the project is to big for me. As you all know I've loved every minute with my commer. Not only have I had some lovely times with some very special...