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    Highwayman - Hook, Hampshire Near me if anyone want a cuppa :rolleyes:
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    @steve williams and Rich I think? Hoping it goes to a good home :cool:
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    Anyone caught the new Disney film? Nice blue van used frequently
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    This rare beastie needs a rescuer
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    Wiring Diagram

    With thanks to Don this si available on the main site
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    Blue Spacevan [eBay]
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    Happy Birthday to us!

    15 years today according to my records!
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    Update to Commer Manual

    With some wizardry I think I have now improved the Commer Manual on the main site If you download it you should be able to search for the text in the scan - I have only tried with "Clutch" but it seemed to work and makes it more...
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    Happy Birthday to us!

    On this day in 2005 we started chatting here instead of a random thread of comments here where we all were looking for parts or help. 14 years on over 2000 registeresd users!
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    1969 - Australians arrive in Malta

    In their Commer!
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    Nostalgia from Coventry
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    Dr Who

    Not the best picture but is that a commer in the background?
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    Main Website

    Something forced my hand in updating the website quickly I have decided to retire the old version of the members' vans section as it was at least 50% out dated as van collections moved on If you would like your van and a brief history included on the new site please email me at...
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    If you wish to keep the forum up and running and free from ads you can donate regularly, or as a one-off via PayPal The new software allows members to "Buy" a new member status (such as VIP) as we don't offer any discounts or products I am not sure it is relevant but interested to hear your views
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    Commer Walk Thru Manual now available FREE

    Huge Thanks to @Talbot who took the time to scan and email the parts and workshop manual he bought from ebay - now available FREE on the main website on the right of the mechanical section
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    Happy Birthday to us!

    It was yesterday actually! 12 years old!
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    Satellite images

    I noticed on Apple Maps the other day that my old V8 was captured on a satellite image, not in it's usual place but at on the lawn where it would only have been while I was tinkering. Anyone else checked google, apple or bing for an overhead pic of their commer at home?
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    Bad news

    Devastated that our companion for 8 years has bone cancer - she's in today for a biopsy to see if its the aggressive (90% likely) or localised version and therefore what we could do. Not great as it is in her hip so pretty brutal. VERY conscious that it is for HER and not for US. If it is...
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    Upgrade 1

    So issues folks were having with images are down to us blowing through our limit on the disk space (how much we have to use on the server) so I have upgraded our service with the hosting company, a good time to mention that I am keeping the forum advert free and paying for this every month...
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    VW restoration

    See its so easy for the VW guys they can even do it up a mountain in the woods grrrr