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    SOLD vans / project for sale

    Hi All, I have some sad news. The farm where I have my stuff stored wants more space for tractors and things so I need to move them from there. I have made the choice to sell the two vans / nissan chassis / nissan engine etc. I have two small kids and no time now too. I sourced quite a few of...
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    Pictures of Lowered commer PB's

    I am still collecting all the parts for my van project. I am off to pick up a Volvo Penta Marine engine as the base for my 2.5 litre turbo engine. I am searching for pictures of Commer PB's that are lowered or have larger wider tyres. I think on mine I will be cutting out the rusty wheel arches...
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    Do I have the rustiest van?

    This is my van that I will be using as a donor or its nice interior. Is this prehaps the rustiest van that still stands on its own four wheels? Rob Greanbean = Rob Smith after forgetting his password...doh
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    Parts for Volvo Conversion

    Just need a few parts for installing a Volvo engine in my PB van. Bosch ECU 0 280 000 983 (from a Volvo 940 2.3 turbo) Bosch Air Mass Meter Part No: 0 280 213 012 (from a Volvo 960) Ford E5ZE-A3B fuel injectors I would not be suprised to get no replies to this one.:) Rob Greanbean = Rob...
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    Hi all, The Greenbean is still underway (very slowly) I have built a Greenbean house: I have bought another donor car for its engine and gearbox (the blue one): This will be getting a few tweeks: :p The suspension, brakes, axle and...
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    Greenbean 2 unfortunately up for sale

    Ebay Item number: 120232476010 I have my other 2 vans so will also have some spare bits. My mobile phone is 07792238433 if you are interested or have any queries. Rob Greanbean = Rob Smith after forgetting his password...doh