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  1. Leanne

    Tatton Park August 20th and 21st 2016

    Don't forget about us please  :):):):):)
  2. Leanne

    Head Skimming / Unleaded valve seat conversion

    So you don't use the additive, I've always put the lead replacement in on a fill and its a messy job most of it ends up on your hands. I'd prefer not to use it
  3. Leanne

    Head Skimming / Unleaded valve seat conversion

    Hi martin, Did you get your cab carpets yet Cheers David
  4. Leanne

    Commer for sale

    Seen this on eBay, love the signage I'm sure the engine needs to go in the front though
  5. Leanne

    Carpet capers

    Turns out I need a new down pipe section for the exhaust, so just ordered one from Martin, cheers bud :p Just got to get it fitted before Sunday so we can go to dub freeze :eek: Got my eye on one of those cab carpets
  6. Leanne

    Waiting for those summer nights

    Waiting for those summer nights
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    Nicely restored ears
  18. Leanne

    Carpet capers

    I'll have to have an ask, on a different note are there any meets coming up this year I'm going to Stafford Sunday but that's a vw thing I'd like to meet some commer folk
  19. Leanne

    Carpet capers

    Hi there I don't have the the rubber mat, I live in Tamworth, woolfy did the resto for me he may know someone
  20. Leanne

    Carpet capers

    Hi all, Took the winter cover off today and went for a cheeky ride round and couldn't help but think it's a bit noisy in here than normal. Yes the exhaust has a leak so I need some gaskets but some carpet in the cab area would not only look great but help with the road noise Can anyone help...