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  1. PaulJL


    Looking back (see what I did there..) to a discussion from ages ago. What alternative wing mirrors are people using? Whilst I love the original ones on my van I have blindspots big enough to hide the entire Atlantic Fleet. The N/s is the worst to the point I need a copilot for lane changes.
  2. PaulJL

    Just seen this on Ebay
  3. PaulJL

    Wd40 competition.

    Could you please pop a vote down for my an in the wd40 projects competition. Thanks.
  4. PaulJL

    Engine cover seal.

    My Spacevan engine cover is missing the seal. I'd like to fit one but the issue I have is there is a lip around 2/3 and the remaining 1/3 doesn't. Can anybody provide pics and or a source for a seal/s please. Cheers
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    Just seen this...
  6. PaulJL

    Spot lights.

    I'm looking for some retro spotlights, you know the ones. 6" round ones with plastic backs and grilles. The ones that everything had in the 80's. I've ordered 3 different sets from ebay and every one I received were fog lights not spots, the adverts said spotlights. Can anybody recommend a...
  7. PaulJL

    Panky on Twitter!

    Hes famous....
  8. PaulJL

    Rocket stove.

    Camping rocket stove. Just built it to a tried and tested design, will boil water in minutes using a few twigs and sticks. £35
  9. PaulJL

    Brake master cylinder.

    Anybody got any exploded diagrams of the brake master cylinder?
  10. PaulJL

    New Toy.

    I've wanted one of these for years. Found this one local on ebay for £50. Most are over 3x that price in the same condition. I think it's a 1950-60ish model although I need to look up the serial number. Its had a motor change from 3phase to single and is now running at a motor speed of 1450...
  11. PaulJL

    Washer bottles.

    My washer bottle is missing its lid and doesnt fit now due to the ducting so I'm looking at replacing it with something else. What has everybody used if not the original bottles?
  12. PaulJL

    Front subframe mountings.

    Anybody got any photos of the mounting points of a front subframe?
  13. PaulJL

    Brake shoe relining with uprated material.

    Anybody know of anywhere that reline brake shoes in an uprated/competition material?
  14. PaulJL

    Garage heater

    Multi fuel gravity fed garage or shed heater. I've had it running on wood pellet cat litter but it will run on small coal beads or charcoal or even small sticks of wood. I'm looking for offers around £85 but I'm always up for a trade. Full video here
  15. PaulJL

    What i did yesterday...

    This years charity fundraising was for the Yorkshire air ambulance. For a change I didn't build anything.. I along with a few works mates took on the Tough Mudder assault course. 3 miles of, mud ,muddy water, deep muddy water and big tall mud covered hills, walls, cargo nets, tubes, tunnels...
  16. PaulJL

    Spotted at Newbury show..

    A mate just sent me this pic. Looks like a couple of Maidstones (?) And an early Dodge. Anybody on here?
  17. PaulJL

    Two tone green coach built spotted

    Stunning looking two tone green coach built spotted last night at a petrol station in Sandal, Wakefield. Anybody on here?
  18. PaulJL

    Commer coach built

    Just seen a gold coach built tucked under a car port in Kellington. Anybody on here?
  19. PaulJL

    Vice ring roller.. Oh err mrs

    Been playing again. A few offcuts of angle, 3 cam belt idlers and some nuts n bolts..
  20. PaulJL

    How to make a grown man cry..

    A few of you may have seen my old Skoda Favorit. I recently sold it on to a collector who is having Freddy restored. I was heart broken letting him go but I needed the space. I went back to work today to find a large parcel, wrapped in Xmas paper. Inside was this.... The rusty wing has been...