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  1. commerspark
    commerspark martin maltas
    Hi Martin. Thank you for your help so far. Hope you are having a restful time after the op. New PB project to replace Commer BF van. If you know anyone who may be interested in the BF please. Regards Ken.
  2. Middlesex Poly
    Middlesex Poly SSMehra
    Hi there I just did a google search for PGY955L and it pointed me here. A group of friends from Middlesex Poly hired a camper van with this registration and drove it down to the south of France in 1975 - just checking if it is still alive.
  3. Terence
    Hi All. I'm after some rear rubber suspension mushroom thingies don't know what there called does anyone knows where I can get a pair
  4. Max Ruddock
    Max Ruddock
  5. Max Ruddock
    Max Ruddock
    I'm new. how doo start a chat
  6. S0updragon
    S0updragon martin maltas
    Good luck with the op recovery
  7. John tindle
    John tindle
    Got the old girl home. Fuel and a fresh battery and she fired up. No brakes tho
  8. Kevmag52
    Just the way she goes!
  9. Terence
    After 6hrs of wiring yet again dealing with endless earthing problems, I now have working rear lights after cutting it all out back to dash
  10. Terence
    Success!... Wiring Nightmare over... I have working lights & a horn, I'll wire spotlights in tomoz on the high beam.
  11. Terence
    Does anyone know of or have a pair of front overiders that are for sale?... That'll fit on my Lilly
  12. Terence
    Terence martin maltas
    Hi Martin. Can you remember our chat regarding bits...
    Ie: clock in the back of collapsed van out back with the speaker grill on dash, headlight rims in workshop, 4 door hinge covers, springs & bars for bottom of both doors & 2 rear roof lights on van down the side of workshop. Could you possibly have these ready for the end of the month if you have time. Many Thx Terry Ref:Lilly
  13. Terence
    Terence Seven
    Hi Severn. Did you buy it from a dude in Salisbury?.... It's got black bumpers & wheels right?..
  14. Terence
    Hi All. After stripping back the so called wiring. I've now started the nightmare of rewiring!.. I'm 20hrs in & I Need help with horn
  15. Terence
    Terence commeracer
    Hi Commeracer. Do you do a 6speed conversion then I'm sat down!...cost?.. Have also inquired with Martin ref: inlet/exhaust + Su thinking of dropping engine/Gbox Soon to Refurb engine/clutch etc etc might as well do the whole smash in one hit.
  16. Peter Rowe
    Peter Rowe
    Kathy and I have been restoring a PB Auto Sleeper van over the last 7 years, we are looking for some help to complete the project. See Pics.
  17. Terence
    Terence woolfy
    Hi. I've heard through the inter webs you could possibly make a stainless exhaust system for a PB highwayman.... Correct?
  18. Terence
    Hi Everyone. I'm currently restoring my PB highwayman & I'm in need a a stainless exhaust if possible & a radiator. Can anyone help?...
  19. alfasean
    Stalking campers
  20. petestansfield
    petestansfield commeracer
    Hi, Do you still do the inlet manifold conversion to take an SU carb ? If so how much are they ? thanks..Pete