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  1. Terence
    After 6hrs of wiring yet again dealing with endless earthing problems, I now have working rear lights after cutting it all out back to dash
  2. Terence
    Success!... Wiring Nightmare over... I have working lights & a horn, I'll wire spotlights in tomoz on the high beam.
  3. Terence
    Does anyone know of or have a pair of front overiders that are for sale?... That'll fit on my Lilly
  4. Terence
    Terence martin maltas
    Hi Martin. Can you remember our chat regarding bits...
    Ie: clock in the back of collapsed van out back with the speaker grill on dash, headlight rims in workshop, 4 door hinge covers, springs & bars for bottom of both doors & 2 rear roof lights on van down the side of workshop. Could you possibly have these ready for the end of the month if you have time. Many Thx Terry Ref:Lilly
  5. Terence
    Terence Seven
    Hi Severn. Did you buy it from a dude in Salisbury?.... It's got black bumpers & wheels right?..
  6. Terence
    Hi All. After stripping back the so called wiring. I've now started the nightmare of rewiring!.. I'm 20hrs in & I Need help with horn
  7. Terence
    Terence commeracer
    Hi Commeracer. Do you do a 6speed conversion then I'm sat down!...cost?.. Have also inquired with Martin ref: inlet/exhaust + Su thinking of dropping engine/Gbox Soon to Refurb engine/clutch etc etc might as well do the whole smash in one hit.
  8. Peter Rowe
    Peter Rowe
    Kathy and I have been restoring a PB Auto Sleeper van over the last 7 years, we are looking for some help to complete the project. See Pics.
  9. Terence
    Terence woolfy
    Hi. I've heard through the inter webs you could possibly make a stainless exhaust system for a PB highwayman.... Correct?
  10. Terence
    Hi Everyone. I'm currently restoring my PB highwayman & I'm in need a a stainless exhaust if possible & a radiator. Can anyone help?...
  11. alfasean
    Stalking campers
  12. petestansfield
    petestansfield commeracer
    Hi, Do you still do the inlet manifold conversion to take an SU carb ? If so how much are they ? thanks..Pete
  13. alfasean
    Looking for a camper...
  14. lallyvan
    It's all new to me !!
  15. jason appleton
    jason appleton
    Hi Im Looking for any condition commer vans to restore
  16. Dinesh C
    Dinesh C
  17. OnTheRoadAgain
    Roof rack fitted, fettling in new seatbelt. Oh the joys of small people...
    1. PaulJL
      Nothing wrong being a small person lol.
      Jun 2, 2017
  18. Kima
    DODGE K160 @Alentejo
  19. S0updragon
    S0updragon jimberlake
    Hi. Sorry i have no idea how to post stuff or start a topic or anything. I am thinking of getting a pb camper. There is a local one for sale. Dk blue white roof. Anyway can anybody tell me if they are high maintenance etc. My car history is disastrous as i am a bike person. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks dave
  20. david thomas
    david thomas
    Stanford hall here we come