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  1. Terence
    Terence woolfy
    Hi. I've heard through the inter webs you could possibly make a stainless exhaust system for a PB highwayman.... Correct?
  2. Terence
    Hi Everyone. I'm currently restoring my PB highwayman & I'm in need a a stainless exhaust if possible & a radiator. Can anyone help?...
  3. alfasean
  4. petestansfield
    petestansfield commeracer
    Hi, Do you still do the inlet manifold conversion to take an SU carb ? If so how much are they ? thanks..Pete
  5. alfasean
    Looking for a camper...
  6. lallyvan
    It's all new to me !!
  7. jason appleton
    jason appleton
    Hi Im Looking for any condition commer vans to restore
  8. Dinesh C
    Dinesh C
  9. OnTheRoadAgain
    Roof rack fitted, fettling in new seatbelt. Oh the joys of small people...
    1. PaulJL
      Nothing wrong being a small person lol.
      Jun 2, 2017
  10. Kima
    DODGE K160 @Alentejo
  11. S0updragon
    S0updragon jimberlake
    Hi. Sorry i have no idea how to post stuff or start a topic or anything. I am thinking of getting a pb camper. There is a local one for sale. Dk blue white roof. Anyway can anybody tell me if they are high maintenance etc. My car history is disastrous as i am a bike person. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks dave
  12. david thomas
    david thomas
    Stanford hall here we come
  13. david thomas
    david thomas
    hurry up summer
  14. Micky Fernihough
    Micky Fernihough
    I am looking for the owner of the sunny citrus comer. My nan was the original driver/owner in northam. any info would be great.
    1. admin
      Micky message me on 07711962003 and I will share the contact details of the current owner
      May 9, 2017
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  15. Micky Fernihough
  16. jackiepretty
    jackiepretty SeanHn
    Hi mate. What sort of price you looking for you van. Thanks Colin
  17. Kevmag52
    Don't need google, the wife knows it all!
  18. PaulJL
    Where's everybody gone??
  19. Doug
    I can't trype. See?
  20. commerchris
    Oh no what have I done.